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This Year's Theme
Where Innovation Takes Flight

The Annual Meeting Working Group (AMWG) issues the Call for Presentations for the 2024 Annual Meeting. Speakers are expected to travel in-person to the meeting to present.

Continuing Education Credits

 This activity may qualify for up to 18.6 CE credits for the Annual Meeting for CAS members. Participants should claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

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Meet us in Phoenix! Don’t miss out on networking with your peers and learning all the latest industry intelligence at the CAS Annual Meeting in Phoenix.

List Of Attendees
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Attendees of the CAS Annual Meeting may be found in the meeting app, where members can opt-in or opt-out of being included. CAS mobile app users may execute a search of the attendees, or sort the attendees by name, organization, city, state, or country. A PDF listing is no longer provided due to privacy considerations.

Meeting Recordings
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Select sessions from the 2024 Annual Meeting will be recorded and made available to meeting attendees complimentary.

Plan Ahead!
United States Election Day

The CAS Annual Meeting falls over the United States Election Day. Plan ahead to exercise your right to vote by voting early or requesting a mail-in ballot. Each state has different voting laws, so visit https://vote.org/ for details.

Annual Meeting Countdown
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